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Code of Conduct

The Bottom Line

This website is meant as an addition to the celebration of a time and company as documented in Adam Fisher's book, The Story Builders. It is not a place to litigate the past, air petty grievances, or to harass people. Be friendly and nice!


Overview and Purpose

This website is a personal project and not a commercial entity. Participation in this site is subject to the approval of the operators. 

Neil and Ross have generously worked with Adam Fisher to create a document of the founding days of Vignette Corporation. Many early employees participated in the creating an oral history of those days and that place, but there were so many more people that didn't have a chance to tell their stories. This forum is meant as a place to allow those stories to be told and shared. Its meant as a place for old friends to come back together, many years later, to celebrate something special.

All memories are inherently fuzzy, and part of the beauty of the book is seeing how different people remember the same events in different ways. No one version needs to be right - we were all there - and no one's version is wrong. 


By using this website we agree to treat the other people on this site with respect, as we would want to be treated. The team that was part of the early days of Vignette was special, and we need to treat each other that way. The standards of acceptable behavior are pretty simple.

- Be respectful and considerate

- Be welcoming and open-minded

- Communicate with empathy

- Contribute in positive, constructive ways

What is Not Allowed

Some actions and behavior will not be permitted amongst this group, it does not create the sort of community we want to foster. We will not tolerate:

- Threats of violence

- Hate speech and discrimination

- Bullying and harassment

- Impersonation

- Doxxing or other invasions of privacy

- Prurient or explicit content

- Spam

- Illegal content

- Malware or exploits

- Any other conduct which would not be considered appropriate in a professional setting


I reserve the right to remove (and will actively remove) any content or person from this website that does not comply with the Conduct described here. 


Any questions about conduct on this website or actions that may/may have been taken based on this Code of Conduct, please contact

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